An Update and A Request

Hi everyone. I’ve got some good news.

Page Publishing has told me they might have my book in print before Christmas!

Editing and page design are finished, just finished front cover and back cover design, so what more could there be right? Lol.

I have to ask a favor of any friends or family who know Auntie Janet (Rufener.)

This book is not gentle and contains  scenes of graphic child abuse. At this point in Auntie Janet’s life, she would be very hurt to read it or even to know about it. So if you guys would please do me a big favor and don’t mention it to her, I would so appreciate it. After everything she’s been through lately, it would not make her happy. She would also be offended at my spiritual take on life. I see no reason to upset her. As a matter of fact, it would be better if neither Janice nor Barb had the book either.  They know I wrote it, yet I don’t mention it to them.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you.  I love you so very much!

❤️ Patty Ann

A photo of Patty at the beach in Florida in November 2023.

Patty in Florida. November 2023